Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Added a few Video's

First up Iwashita Tancho Kohaku, Gin Rin Kohaku and Hi Utsuri

Off out for a Japanese meal with Fujio, Makoto and Yasawaki San will put some more on when I get back to the hotel later.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Another Great Day

Didnt post yesterday, well thats not strictly true, just as Id finished writing out the blog my computer crashed and I lost the whole post I dont mind sharing with you that I just didnt have the will power to type it all out again, simply not enough hours in a day,

Anyway yesterday we managed to find some really nice Gin Rin Ochiba's that are great value for the money. Below are few of the 7 purchased.

We helped harvest a mud pond in the morning which is always great fun, then back down to the Fish house to take a closer look. The Koi Feeders have now been put away for the winter!

We managed to buy another 3 sanke to make a few boxes up, its alway important to make sure the boxes are full as it works out very expensive if not. Below are the 3 koi bought from Marusho Koi Farm! Makoto Sans Sanke are getting better and better, he really is at the top of his game !

We had a customer wanting a Doitsu Showa, so who better than Shinoda to see if we can find something, whilst their we picked a few Gin Rin Showa up, well be rude not to, would'nt it!

Next stop was Iwashita which proved to be a good one ! We managed to find three wonderful koi, the Tancho kohaku is a real show stopper touching nearly 60 cm and a big future ahead, couldnt resist the Hi Utsuri and also the 5 step Gin rin kohaku. Enjoy !

Other Koi Breeders visited today were Yamamatsu, Igarashi Kazuto, Shintaro, Maraju, Maradoh, the list goes on to be honest but you get the idea!

Right then its 2 am and I am going to crawl in to bed, some of us have got work in the morning!