Sunday, 29 March 2009

2009 Wakagoi Grand Champion 63 kohaku

This Kohaku bred by Sakai Hiroshima was a well deserved winner!

Young Champion 43 Utsurimono

This Shiro Utsuri entered by Koi San Europe, I'm guessing Omosako, took my eye!

Kokugyo Prize 58 Utsurimono

Wakagoi Show

Our base for the show was the Best Western Tosu Hotel, after a good nights sleep we headed off to the show, the image below is from the bridge between the hotel and the show.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Wakagoi (Young All Japan Show)

Morning All

Arrived in Tosu for the Wakagoi, Young All Japan Show late last night. After an 11 hour plane journey, then 5 hour on the bullet train, then another 7 hours on the bullet train tomorrow going back up to Niigata, is it worth it ?

You bet it is!

We are at the show all day today, then back up to Niigata in search of High Grade Tosai

We went out with our Japanese hosts for a traditional Japanese meal last night, very nice! We are at the show today so will be updating things later. Watch this space!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Japan Spring Buying Trip 2009

We shall be heading off to Japan on Friday 24 th March until the 4 th April, we will be at the Wakagoi show (Young All Japan) in Tosu and back up to the mountains of Niigata to look for high quality Tosai.

We will be updating this blog on a daily basis, so please stay tuned!